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Claim: UCPC is a non-profit meetup group that does not involve behaviors in regarding to selling or goods promoting. We design postcards and share the joy with the world.

Welcome to UCPC Beijing Postcrossing Meetup group!

We hold meetup every month!

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Aug.2019 (Total: 4 Event Postcards)

Event 1: Qixi Festival ~ Weaver Girl ~
Mainland China, 4 cities involved

In Chinese mystery, the Weaver girl gotta meet the cowherd once a year because their love was cursed. But during the day of Qixi Festival, the magpies are gonna form a bridge for them and they will meet. Late June, I characterized Weaver girl and the Cowherd and have them separated in separate postcards so they will meet if people collect them together. To make this process a bit more fun, I designed 3 Cowherds with different color themes and have them located in 3 different cities in China. You will be in charge of picking the right man for our Weaver Girl.
The list of Cowherds:
Xi’an: I look cold but my heart is burning for you.
Yang Zhou: My love is to forgive everything.
Chen Zhou: Ambiguous is my mercy.

Sep.2019 (Total: 8 Event Postcards)

Event 2: Word to Art (Till 2020)

Word2Art provides their users a chance to create collaged form of terms upon different user inputs.Postcrossing Meetup Group in multiple cities in China decided to use it as a map to demonstrate all the streets and cornors of the city we familiar with. Currently 6 postcrossing groups from different cities are enrolled as participants.This event also comes with prizes, in which the ones who are able to collect all of the postcards from all participated cities are capable of enrolling in the lottery by the end of 2019, to win all the meetup postcards from the participated cities for the entire 2020.

Event 3: CHINA X INDIA ~ The power of life ~

Indian philosophist believes chakra powers their body and mental. Start from the head, the body is enpowered through these seven power sources: सहस्रार (Sahasrāra), आज्ञा (ājñā), विशुद्ध (Viśuddha), अनाहत (Anāhata), मणिपूर (Manipūra), स्वाधिष्ठान (Svādhisthāna), मूलाधार (Mūlādhāra). On the other side, Ancient Chinese believes the power of life is supported by Yin, Yang, and the five elements including wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. The flow of these elements caused and supported everything to happen and sustain.

Event 4: Sponser: 关于小熊明信片 (60 pieces)


Coming Up Meetup Designs


Third International Joint Meetup with Russia!
Nov.17th 2019

Previous Meetups:

Nov. 3rd 2019


Oct. 1st 2019

China & Netherlands Joint Meetup – October 1st

Oct. 13th 2019

Bingtang Hulu

~Aug.3rd 2019~

~Sep.7th 2019~

September Hidden (1/month)

China & India Joint Meetup – September 7th

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